My brother, Dan, and I made a significant decision in October 2021 when we purchased Ken Rent. At that time, the company had already successfully organized over 30,000 events in the area and boasted an impressive database of 14,000 client files. Since then, we have added another 1,400 to our list.

Our motivation for acquiring this business stemmed from our dedication to family values. Our children were getting married and wanted to celebrate their special day in our own backyards. My wife, Stacey, has been a prominent figure in the community due to her management of the renowned Vine restaurant, which has been a favorite spot for residents over the past two decades.

At Ken Rent, our goal is to create the perfect backdrop for your precious moments captured in photographs. We understand that the quality of our services directly impacts the success of your events. As such, we take our responsibilities seriously, especially because my daughter, Rachel Gallic, is an accomplished wedding photographer at Rachel Gallic Photography, and I have a reputation for inadvertently ruining pictures.

Both Dan and I have had diverse careers before venturing into Ken Rent. Dan, being an engineer and land use planner, still holds a top-secret clearance from the USDOD and actively contributes to various governmental and non-governmental programs. Additionally, he has devoted almost 25 years to serving on the Warren Township Planning Board and currently sits on the Board of Watchung Hills Regional High School. On the other hand, I have a background in healthcare and finance and have gained international work experience. The vibrant nature of Ken Rent's business appeals to both of us, as we get to interact with people who are excited and happy about their special occasions – the birth of a child, birthdays, graduations, weddings, and many other joyous events. These interactions are far more gratifying than just watching the news.

We genuinely enjoy what we do, and if you need our assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We aim to be a constant presence in the long term, leaving a lasting impression that will make you smile whenever you recall your events with Ken Rent's involvement.

Cheers, Peter Gallic

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